Example Claims

Examples of Claims Generally Falling Within the Fund’s Jurisdiction:

  • Client retains an attorney for representation with a personal injury matter. The matter is settled and the settlement check is sent to the attorney. The attorney deposits the settlement check into the attorney’s escrow account and does not disburse the net proceeds to the client.
  • Client pays an attorney a fee for legal representation with a matter. The attorney accepts the fee and does not provide any legal services.
  • The attorney is the executor of an estate. As executor, the attorney receives the assets of the estate. The attorney does not distribute the estate assets to the beneficiaries.

Examples of Claims Falling Outside the Fund’s Jurisdiction:

  • Client pays an attorney a fee. The attorney provides legal services and bills the client. The client believes he/she was overcharged or believes some refund should be in order as the client did not receive the desired results.
  • Client retains an attorney to pursue a civil matter. The attorney misses the statute of limitations. No fee was paid. The client seeks the value of the civil claim.