What Type of Claim is Handled by the Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security?

The Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security has jurisdiction over claims alleging a conversion of client funds. The Fund does not have jurisdiction over claims alleging malpractice or ineffective assistance of counsel. The Board of Trustees does not arbitrate or mediate what the Board determines to be a fee dispute.

An appropriate claim:

  • Is based upon an attorney/client relationship or fiduciary relationship customary to the practice of law. For example, an executor of an estate, a guardian, a trustee or, an escrow agent arising from an attorney/client relationship; and
  • Is seeking the return of money or property that was received by the attorney on behalf of the client, which money or property was then converted by the attorney.

A claim may not:

  • Seek consequential or incidental damages, such as lost interest, attorney fees incurred in pursuing a civil action against the attorney, or any other costs incurred in seeking a recovery; and
  • Be filed by a spouse or other close relative or employee of the attorney, or any other entity excluded under the Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement.