Restitution Owed to the Fund

An attorney (former attorney) may request the computation of all amounts owed to the Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security in accordance with Rule of Disciplinary Enforcement 531.

The request for this information must be made in writing, must include the attorney’s full name, current mailing address and Pennsylvania attorney ID number. A request for this information may be mailed, faxed or requested by email.

The Fund does not require the obligation to be paid in full in a lump sum payment. The Fund will accept periodic payments, which payments must be made by check or money order. If the attorney wants immediate credit for any payment, such payment must be made by a cashier’s check.

The Board does not have the authority to compromise the obligation owed to the Fund in accordance with Rule 531. It is the Board’s position that the obligation owed to the Fund under Rule 531 is imposed by a Court rule and only the Court may modify a Court rule, absent explicit authority to the contrary.