What is the Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security?

The Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security was established by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 1982 to reimburse clients who have suffered a loss as a result of a misappropriation of funds by their Pennsylvania attorney.

The Fund receives all of its financial resources from the members of the Pennsylvania Bar through an annual fee which each Pennsylvania licensed lawyer must pay in order to keep their license to practice law active.  By Order dated February 24, 2021, the Fund’s allocation from the annual fee is $50. Both the Disciplinary Board and the IOLTA Board each receive a portion of the balance of the annual fee. The Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security does not receive any federal, state, or local tax dollars.

The Fund is comprised of a seven member volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is comprised of five lawyer members and two non-lawyer members, all of whom are appointed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Each Board member is appointed for a three year term and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The Fund is staffed by an Executive Director/Counsel and an Administrative Assistant.

The Fund operates under the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement 501, et seq. The Board of Trustees has adopted Rules of Procedure in accordance with the Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement.

More information regarding the operations of the Fund may be obtained by reviewing the Fund’s most recent Annual Report.