Fee Approval and Procedure

Pennsylvania Rule of Disciplinary Enforcement 514(c) provides that an attorney shall not collect a fee from a claimant for providing assistance with the filing of a claim with the Pennsylvania Lawyers Fund for Client Security without prior approval by the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees has adopted a policy that fees will only be approved for exceptional circumstances. The Board’s decision regarding the fee approval is final and not appealable to any court. (Rule of Procedure 3.5)

Any attorney who desires to submit a request for an approval of a fee will need to supply the following information to the Executive Director prior to the scheduled review of the claim:

  • The signed fee agreement with the claimant; and
  • Itemized time records setting forth the work that was provided, the person (the attorney or paralegal) who performed the work and the time expended advancing the claimant’s claim before the Fund. The attorney may also provide any additional information the attorney would like the Board to consider when reviewing the request for a fee approval.
  • Should the Board of Trustees approve a fee, payment of the fee is the sole responsibility of the claimant and will not be paid by the Fund, either out right or as part of an approved award.